How we can work together

Craft Talk loves to work together and to collaborate. We are inspired by how things are made, and the people who make them, and just want everyone to be treated fairly. We use Human Centered Design to get to the root of the problem and rely on Fair Trade principles to carry the day.

Sometimes it’s hard to map, and iron out, your ethical supply chains. We can navigate this process and we can design for seamlessness. We want to help you achieve supply chain harmony and we’re very open to working together on new and existing projects.

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Capacity building for artisans and producers groups

New supply chains – We can advise and help build producer groups

  • Ensuring fair living wages, benefits, and home workers rights

  • Organizational structures

  • Safe working conditions

  • Support workers’ rights

  • Quality control

  • Technology help

  • Materials sourcing

  • Environmental standards compliance

  • Entrepreneurship 101 and Leadership for Artisans

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Transparency and compliance for your supply chains

Redesign supply chains to make them ethical – minor, moderate, or extensive, from the final production stage, all the way back, to the farms where everything starts

  • Acquiring certifications and memberships

  • Advocacy on legal working age

  • Fair living wages and benefits

  • Healthy working environments

  • Implementing premiums for workers

  • Meeting environmental standards  

  • Supporting workers’ rights

  • Transparency and legal compliance

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Research, Classes, and Workshops

What do you need to know more about? Explore an issue, product, or sector of the artisan-made ethical fashion & products space through:

  • Field research – hands on design led thinking

  • Secondary research

  • Surveys

We can design a class or workshops to your needs – do you have a class, business, or NGO who would like to know more about:

  • Artisans

  • Fair Trade

  • Ethical Sourcing