The Ruth

The Ruth


Traditional Mro weaving made by hand on a backstrap loom. These gorgeous shawls are worn by Mro women, on special occasions when they wear traditional dress, they also make gorgeous table runners, or wall hangings. The intricate tribal patterns in the weft are visible on the front face of the textile, while the back face features thin widely-spaced pinstripes an exceptional feature thanks to the uncommon skill of weaver Hla Nu Sein.


  • Warp made by Sein Nyo Khine and woven by Hla Nu Sein
  • Length 68" X Width 12"
  • Mixed cotton and rayon
  • Machine washable 
  • Made in Myanmar
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Hla Nu Sein and Sein Nyo Khine are friends who have worked together for countless years. They have a comfortable friendship and a smooth, streamlined working relationship. Sein Nyo Khine arranges the thread, which can involve a 4 hour trip to the market, or days of wildcrafting, she also creates the warps (the horizontal thread that makes the loom), coloring the foundations of the piece.  Hla Nu Sein attaches the warp to her bamboo back strap loom, and using the countless traditional design patterns encoded in her muscle memory, weaves a visual poetry that outstrips language.