The Suzy

The Suzy


Hand made on a backstrap loom, this series of shawls, scarves, and throws are made from recycled sweaters and thread from factory off-cuts. This style of weaving is what Mro women use for their household blankets, as the Mro have been weaving plaids and stripes for generations.


  • Made by Ma Ni Oo
  • Length 52" X Width 14"
  • Mixed recycled threads
  • Machine washable 
  • Made in Myanmar
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Hand Made By

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Ma Nie Oo is a beautiful woman from Weaver Island, her favorite color is turquoise, and she exhibits a deep regard and a solemn consideration for others. Widowed too early, she has raised her three daughters to adulthood. Her eldest two, like many in her area, have moved to Thailand where opportunities seem to shine brighter. Ma Nie Oo remains on Weaver Island, where her front gate is the closest to the river, she lives with her youngest, Khine Than Nwe. Together they weave commissioned pieces for the shops in Yangon, and run the kind of daycare which just happens, when your presence and being are magnets for children.