The Lena

The Lena


Traditional Mro weaving made by hand on a backstrap loom. Works superbly as a table runner or a wall hanging. In Mro society this weaving is called a stinpong and is used as a baby carrier. As the warp is so closely packed, the intricate traditional patterns in the weft are only visible on the front face of the textile while the solid border is the same front and back.


  • Made by Ma Khine Oo 
  • Length 56" X Width 14"
  • Mixed rayon
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Myanmar
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Hand Made By

Ma Khine Oo is fast becoming Yangon’s only rockstar backstrap loom weaver. One of the very few Mro weavers in Yangon, she lives on the edge of town in a very small Mro settlement with her daughter. Ma Khine Oo, originally from Lanmadaw in Rakhine State, moved to the capital a half decade ago to work in the booming garment sector. Even though factory work was very demanding, Ma Khine Oo made time to weave and to pass on her skills to her daughter. Living so close to Bogyoke Market she is one of the rare weavers who is able to sell directly to retailers, with no middleman, she was able shop her weavings around and get the best prices. Her proximity, her speed, and her skill have since made her the goto weaver for Yangon commissions. As her reputation has grown, she has been able to garner higher prices, to retire from the garment factory, and to become a full-time weaver. We introduced her to ChuChu this summer and have ever since been continually amazed by their collaborative productions of woven recycled plastic bags and rugs.